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Hi folks, How is it going?? I haven´t written anything for a long time, so, in that post, I would like to share with you my new experiences and explain to you why. It looks like I´ve been doing nothing, but it´s just the opposite. I´ve been working a lot in new...
Fishermen at the beach

Accessible Sri Lanka For Wheelchair Users And Slow Walkers.

Today I would love to share with you a fantastic post that Charlotte from Roll in Asia has written for Accessitrip. Let´s discover together accessible Sri Lanka for wheelchair users and slow walkers! Sri Lanka is a great accessible destination to explore! Enjoy...
Tabassum at the beach

Meet Tabassum; Our New Contributor

CAN DO! Shoot for the Stars; Sky is the Limit     The gowns were resplendent and the music uplifting, it was fun. We all danced in our wheelchairs. My sentiments as I recount my experience participating in the 2017 Miss Wheelchair Canada pageant. The...
My aunt and me starting our journey in Strasbourg.


In today's post, I would like to invite you to discover a charming city in France: Strasbourg in a wheelchair. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region located east of France and almost on the border with Germany. Its historic centre has been declared a Unesco...

Top 5 Accessible Things To Do In Hoi An (Vietnam)

In today´s post, I would like to introduce you to an exotic and magic country: Vietnam, especially the old city of Hoi An. Thanks to my new colleague Charlotte from Roll in Asia who has written for Accessitrip a lovely tour in Hoi An for you. In that tour, you will...

Accessible Sights in Seville

In this post, I want to show you some accessible things to do in Seville, especially if you are a wheelchair user you will find very useful information here.

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CITY BREAK: Accessible Dublin

Dublin is a nice and friendly accessible city for wheelchair users. Almost all the curbs of the city are cut and you can roll easily.

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ACCESSIBLE LONDON II: Top 5 Accessible And Free Sights To Visit

In my previous post, I gave you some general information about accessible London and a few more general tips. I told you that London is not a cheap city. If you did not read the article, or want to refresh your memory, here, you could do it before to start reading...

ACCESSIBLE LONDON I: General Information

Last weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying the magnificent city of London, the largest city in Europe and one of the largest in the world. And of course full of movement wherever you go. While I was writing this post, I realised how huge this city is and all the...

Top Accessible Restaurants in Galicia (Spain)

Hello my friends, Once again, thanks to Xunta de Galicia I have now the opportunity to write this post for you, with information about accessible restaurants in Galicia. Have you ever try the Padrón Peppers, The Galician Patty, the mussels or Octopus "A Feira"? Well,...